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The Airport  the operator of Brisbane Airport  is a proud,  helping employ thousands of Airport and creating economic opportunities for the state and city of Brisbane equating to more than $2 billion annually. The Airport acquired Airport from the Government under a 50-year lease for $1.4 billion in 2001.


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Making full use of the geographical advantage and cooperating partners‘ technical advantages, with official aviation ground safeguard as the lead, official aviation’s operation and repair as the wings as well as network service as fulcrum, we established related business chain of official aviation flight, ground support, repair, navigation and extension services, and the Airport service system in line with country national conditions and international standard.

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Frequent & direct flights

Airport has great potential, being big enough to cater for most aviation needs but small enough to offer a bespoke and personal service. Airport is 60 minutes from London by train or just 35 minutes by helicopter transfer. 8 million people live within a 60 minute drive of Airport.

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